Brightly coloured veggies plus the variety of seasonings and sauces you toss in the stir fry can make for some interesting wine pairings.  Our favourite wines to go with Vegetarian Stir Fry include Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Prosecco, Gewürtztraminer, Albariño, Riesling and Pinot Noir.

Chardonnay & Vegetarian Stir Fry Pairing

If you are doing a classic soy sauce and rice stir fry with mushrooms, broccoli, slivers of celery and carrots and onions, select an oaky Chardonnay.  Oak gives Chardonnay a toasty or nutty flavour that will go well with the smokiness that soy sauce imparts on this dish.  Chardonnay also loves onions, garlic and mushrooms of all types, which might be significant components of your meal.  For a stir fry that has a lot of sharper vegetables, such as zucchini, asparagus, leeks and broccoli, choose an unoaked Chardonnay, or a Sauvignon Blanc.

Riesling & Vegetarian Stir Fry Pairing (hot and spicy)

If your stir fry is hot and spicy, Chardonnay will not pair well with your dish.  The explosion of hot spices will destroy any subtle flavour of the wine, leaving you with nothing but the taste of oak and alcohol.  So if your stir fry is packed with chilli powder, select a Riesling.  A semi-dry Riesling will put out that fire in your mouth, although it won’t go very well with most green vegetables.  If you go this route, choose sweeter veggies like snap peas, green beans, carrots or ripe bell peppers, or use a sweeter sauce like fruit chutney.

Pinot Grigio & Vegetarian Stir Fry Pairing

Pinot Grigio is a neutral white wine that is bone dry, sharp and has some astringency to cut through any oil used to cook up your stir fry.  Italian Pinot Grigio is incredibly dry with a zippy acidity, along with a  bitter almond note that will complement bitter veggies like eggplant or broccoli.

A French Pinot Gris, on the other hand, has a little less acidity, along with faint honey notes pear and green apple, which might make it more appropriate with a stir fry that has sweeter veggies like carrots, sugar snap peas or green beans.

No matter which Pinot Grigio you go for (Pinot Gris = Pinot Grigio), you’ll be sure to love it.  Pinot Grigio is one of the most popular selling wines due to its carefree and breezy attitude.  It’s a wine that never gets in the way, but it does a fantastic job of keeping things moving forward.

Gewürtztraminer & Vegetarian Stir Fry Pairing

Gewürtztraminer is adored for its intense lychee notes, along with its grapefruit, tangerine, and ginger bite. Should your stir fry contain any ginger, Gewürztraminer will complement those sharp notes.  Select a Gewürtztraminer if you want a wine with complex notes to bathe in.  This spicy white wine will shower you with interesting flavours of ruby red grapefruit, roses, honey, cinnamon, and smoke.

Gewürtztraminer tastes sweeter than it really is, but should have no issue pairing with most vegetables.  Gewürtztraminer can even handle artichoke which is notoriously difficult to pair up with.

Pinot Noir & Vegetarian Stir Fry Pairing

If you’re only into red wine, Pinot Noir is your best bet, especially if the vegetables are earthy.  Cooked greens, fennel, lentils, squash, onion, garlic and mushrooms will all go great with this red.  Pinot Noir tends to be a touch earthy and sweet.  It’s also a lighter red so that it won’t overpower any of the more delicate vegetable flavours.


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