Soave is a lean and dry white wine, with a unique smooth oily texture, from Northern Italy made from the Garganega grape. Featuring notes of peach, melon, pear, saline/minerals and chamomile, Soave is the best white wine to drink with Roast Chicken, White Pizza, Scallops, Veal Scaloppini, Fettuccine Alfredo, Chicken Parmigiana, Risotto, Cauliflower Soup and Pasta Primavera.

Soave comes in several styles, with Recioto di Soave being a sweet style meant for desserts, and Soave Superiore to indicate the wine was aged for at least eight months and using the best grapes. For the pairs mentioned below, we are excluding Recioto di Soave (sweet style) and discussing the dry style, that includes Soave Superiore (costs ore as it uses best gapes and is aged), Soave Classico (a dry style grown where Soave originated) or Soave (the least expensive and most simple style).

I should also mention, the longer you age a high-quality Soave, such as Soave Superiore, the more complicated its flavours will become. When young, Soave has a bitter almond finish, however, given 3-5 years, you’ll experience notes of marmalade, honey and sugared lemon rind.

Roast Chicken & Soave Wine Pairing

Roast Chicken is a neutral meat, and thus, Soave’s dry and lean nature ensures that the wine does not overwhelm the tender chicken flavours. Instead, this acidic white wine injects flavours of peach, melon, green apple and pear into the mix, making the roast chicken taste extra delicious.

Finally, with its oily texture, Soave can help save a roast chicken that has been overcooked by making it seem less dry.

Scallops & Soave Wine Pairing

Soave has a unique saline quality that makes it lovely with all types of seafood or shellfish such as scallops. The salty minerality in the wine complements the sweet ocean kissed flavours found in scallops. Scallops are mild in taste, so the melon, pear and honeyed flavours of Soave will heighten their flavour rather than overwhelm it. Should you serve the Scallops in a citrus type sauce, Soave’s light fruity flavors will complement the dish even further.

Veal Scaloppini & Soave Pairing

Veal Scaloppini are tender cutlet (top round steaks) of veal that has been pounded thin, dredged in flour, and then pan-fried. The dry but fruity acidity of Soave cuts through the delicious pan-fried oils and brightens up the tender veal flavours without overwhelming them. The oily body of Soave complements the weight of the pan-fried Veal Scaloppini, further enhancing this pairing.

Fettuccine Alfredo & Soave Pairing

Soave works well with Fettuccine Alfredo as this dry white wine does not interfere with creamy flavours you love with this indulgent pasta dish. The peach and melon fruit flavours cut through the richness of the Alfredo sauce, while the bitter almond finish of the wine brings out the nuttiness found in the pasta and Parmesan Cheese. I also find the saline minerality further enhances the flavours of the Alfredo sauce, while the acidity of the wine clears your palate, so each bite tastes as fresh as the next.

Pasta Primavera & Soave Pairing

Traditional Pasta Primavera (as the word primavera means springtime in Italian) used bright spring vegetables to make a pasta sauce. In modern times, especially in North America, Pasta Primavera uses a jumble of vegetables such as tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, garlic, carrots, broccoli, and zucchini, plus plenty of herbs, to make a vegetarian style sauce.

Because there are so many flavours going on here, you do not want to introduce too much of anything else to complicate the dish any further. As Soave is acidic and dry, the wine’s acidic nature electrifies all the vegetable and herbal notes, pronouncing their flavours. Meanwhile, the peach, citrus and melon flavours of the wine offer plenty of refreshment and reset your tastebuds against the assault of all of the individual vegetable flavours.


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