Rosé is perhaps the most food-friendly wine in the world. Highly respected in Spain and France, these wines are dodged in North America due to their salmon pink colour. Most people either think they are too girly or too sweet, however a well-made Rosé is neither. Usually, the wine is quite dry, and while fruity, the wine itself won’t attack your taste buds like a strawberry smoothie or vodka cooler would. A Rosé is great either with food or for summer sipping on the patio!

While it is compatible with just about any food item, I prefer to pair it with starter foods like salads, hors d’oeuvres, or antipasto dishes. This is my preference as I find a proper Rosé to be more refreshing than nourishing. As such, I find people prefer it with lighter fare, like starter dishes or a light lunch like a BLT Sandwich accompanied by a side fof fries..

Italy makes amazing Rosé that will have a bit of a fizz to them and are typically made by the Barbera grape.  You’ll see this on the bottle as Fosado.  In France, regions such as Taval, Bandol, and Anjou have some of the most famous Rosé in the world.  In Niagara Ontario, Peller estates and Tawse have created two amazing Rosé that are fantastic wines with food, or to enjoy on the patio after a game of golf, or a bike tour, on a hot summer’s day.

Best Wine with Mediterranean Food

Chilled Rosé was meant for enjoying Mediterranean food on a summer patio.   Anything high in fat/protein and low in carbs is amazing with this dry wine.  Grilled Sardines, Pork, Ham, and omelettes are all delicious.  Rosé is a fantastic wine to pair with greasy dishes like French Fries, Poutine, or Hot Dogs as well!

Notable Producers of Rosé

France: Chateau Routas, Domaine de Trennes, Domaine Tempier

Canada: Peller Estates Private Reserve Rosé, Tawse Grower’s Blend Rosé

California: Bonny Doon Vin gis de CigareHeitz Cellar, Grignolino Rosé

Spain: Bodegas Muga Rioja Rosado, Cune Rioja Rosado

Common Flavours of Rosé:

Cranberry, Strawberry, Lemon, Lime, Cherry, Raspberry, and Watermelon

Rosé Goes Great With: