Full-bodied and flavourful whites, with crisp acidity, pair best with creamy-textured potato soup. For white wine, our top choices would be Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Viognier and Grüner Veltliner. All of which impart their own additional flavours upon this filling soup. With red wine, you have options as well. Pinot Noir has earthy notes that are delicious with the starchy potato flavours, along with an acidity that cuts through the rich texture of Potato Soup.

Chardonnay & Potato Soup Pairing

Potato soup can come in a variety of styles, ranging from a starchy creaminess where the potato has been pureed and perhaps some cream or butter has been added, to a simple broth with chunks of potato resting within. A slightly oaked Chardonnay will go great with both styles as Chardonnay has a buttery texture and flavours that mingle nicely with the potato flavours in your soup.

The acidity in a Chardonnay has no issue cutting through the creaminess of the potato soup, while the tropical fruit flavours of Chardonnay add a bit of fun to the mix. You’ll also find notes of toast, vanilla and minerality in Chardonnay that complement the earthiness of the potato soup quite nicely.

Gewürztraminer & Potato Soup Pairing

When I think of Gewürztraminer, I think of a full-bodied but spicy white wine, and a bit of spice is what you sometimes need to amplify a rather plain and starchy potato soup. In this instance, you’ll want to pair a dry Gewürztraminer with your potato soup. Gewürztraminer has an oily texture, and as such, isn’t overly crisp. However, this oily texture adds a bit more body to your soup, particularly if cream hasn’t been added. Thus with Gewürztraminer, you get this winning combination of its body complementing the thickness of Potato Soup and its spicy notes imparting its flavour on the dish.

Viognier & Potato Soup Pairing

Viognier is a bold and flavourful white wine that is similar in body to Chardonnay but has the citrus tang of a Riesling. When pairing with Potato Soup, you want to ensure your Potato Soup is heavy and hearty and perhaps loaded with cheese, sour cream and bacon. Despite having a creamy and round texture, Viognier has a balanced acidity that can drill right through the starchy depths of your potato soup and finesse out those subtle flavours you may have never noticed before. On top of that, you get some wonderful aromatics and flavours from the wine itself, which keeps you entertained and delighted with this wonderful pairing of wine and soup.

Grüner Veltliner & Potato Soup Pairing

Grüner Veltliner comes in all sorts of styles from light and fresh, to full-bodied, and spicy with white pepper notes. When it comes to pairing Grüner Veltliner with your potato soup, you will want a style that matches the weight of your soup. So lighter and fruiter styles will match better with Potato Soup in a broth, whereas full-bodied Grüner Veltliner will go well with pureed and starchy thick Potato Soups.

Aside from its citrus fruit flavours and white pepper notes, Grüner Veltliner has a green element to it. These green flavours will highlight any green vegetables that might be in your potato soup, such as green beans, peas, spinach or herbs. Crisp in acidity, Grüner Veltliner saws through the wall of potato-based carbs each spoonful of Potato Soup delivers, while imparting its herbal green and white pepper notes on the finish.

Should there be sausage in your Potato Soup, Grüner Veltliner will add even more delight to your pairing as it will highlight the herbal notes blended into your sausages.

Pinot Noir & Potato Soup Pairing

Pinot Noir is a light to medium-bodied red wine bursting with wild strawberry flavours, a zippy acidity and when made right, a complex array of earthy notes such as forest floor or barnyard. For simple Potato Soup recipes, Pinot Noir might not be the first bottle of wine you’d want to reach for. However for Potato Leek Soup, or Potato Soup with mushrooms, bacon, or ham added, Pinot Noir is an excellent choice as it will complement those smoky and earthy notes found within.

Other red wines suitable for Potato Soup include Beaujolais, Barbera, and Dolcetto. All three of these reds are low in alcohol and high in acidity, which is a must when pairing with hot soup. Wines high in alcohol don’t fare to well with hot soups as the alcohol content tends to amplify the burning sensation of the soups hot temperatures. Acidity is another important factor as potato soup does not typically have enough protein or fat content to mellow out the tannin in heavier red wines.