Potato Salad recipes can vary, with some variations being creamy with the addition of mayonnaise and eggs. On the flip side, you could also have a recipe that features roasted chunks of potato tossed with baby spinach, slices of bell pepper, fresh herbs and a vinaigrette. Since Potato Salad is often a side dish, versatile wines, such as Albarino, Riesling, Rosé, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc, pair best.

Pinot Noir & Potato Salad Pairing

Pinot Noir has forest floor or barnyard notes that complements the earthy flavours of potatoes. We also enjoy how the bright but light fruit flavours are refreshing against the starchy nature of the potatoes used in potato salad. The pairing is improved even further if you have a little bacon tossed into your Potato salad, as Pinot Noir often has smoky notes.

For picnics and potlucks, where you’ll often see Potato Salad served, Pinot Noir makes for a great red wine choice. On top of being a crowd-pleaser, Pinot Noir is an acidic, food-friendly red wine that will go with a wide variety of foods. If Pinot Noir has one flaw, it’s that it is often inconsistent from year to year, and from vineyard to vineyard. For every amazing Pinot Noir, you’ll try, there are at least one hundred ‘meh’ versions. Thus, it’s always best to do a little research, and taste testing, before picking out a bottle.

Rosé & Potato Salad Pairing

Rosé is single handedly the best patio wine you’ll ever have. While it looks sweet, Rosé is often bone-dry, and has flavours of strawberry, cranberry and lime. It’s dry acidity makes it a fantastic pairing with Potato Salad as it has no issue cutting through the starchy carbohydrates or any mayo, or sour cream used in your Potato Salad.

Rosé is also incredibly versatile and food-friendly. If you are enjoying your Potato salad at a backyard barbecue, on a picnic, or as a lunchtime side dish to a salmon burger on a summer afternoon, Rosé will instantly pair with nearly any other dishes that accompany it.

Albariño & Potato Salad Pairing

Even though Potatoes are harvested near the fall, Potato Salad, to me, reminds me of early summer. Albariño is a Spanish white wine bursting with summer fruit flavours of apricot and peach. A glass of Albariño is perfect alongside a serving of Potato salad, and perhaps a Salmon burger, or a grilled chicken sandwich at a picnic table.

I prefer Albariño with creamier versions of Potato Salad, however, it will pair up nicely with potato chunks tossed in a vinaigrette alongside leafy greens and other raw veggies.

Riesling & Creamy Potato Salad Pairing

Riesling is one of the most versatile wines out there, making it perfect for potlucks where potato salad is bound to appear. Often citrusy in taste, Riesling comes in a wide variety of styles including dry, off-dry, sweet, still, and spritzy.

For Creamy Potato Salad, we’d recommend a Dry Riesling. The tingly acidity in Riesling will ensure your mouth is always primed and ready for each bite of Potato salad, as the acidity of the wine will clear your mouth of all those starchy potato flavours drenched in mayonnaise.

Riesling will also go great with Potato Salad tossed in a vinaigrette, however, my preference here is an off-dry Riesling as the touch of sweetness it offers is a nice contrast to the tart salad dressing.

Sauvignon Blanc & Potato Salad Pairing with Dill

If your Potato Salad is loaded with fresh herbs, like dill, basil or oregano, Sauvignon Blanc is the wine for you. Loaded with herbal notes, Sauvignon Blanc will complement the fresh herbs, plus add its refreshing acidity to the mix. Perfect for Picnics, BBQs, and Patios due to its versatility.


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