Pair Gewürztraminer with foods like rich fowl dishes, like turkey, duck, Foie Gras, or goose. You’ll also find that Gewurztraminer goes well with German dishes like pork chops, roasted ham, non-spicy sausages, veal, and sauerkraut.

If the spice is not hot, like cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, or ginger, you’ll find that Gewürztraminer is an excellent partner in crime.

Finally, a dry Gewürztraminer is excellent with egg dishes like quiche or a creamy Potato Soup.  Off-dry Gewürztraminer (which are white wines that are slightly sweet) go excellent with strongly aged and pungent cheeses (like Muenster).

Gewürztraminer is unmistakable from other white wines in both its personality and flavour.  It ranges from dry to sweet, however you’ll find a lot of tree fruit flavours, like apple, lychee, peach, pear, and a sweet spice taste (think ginger) and floral notes of rose petals.  The sweet spice notes make this white wine a wonderful pairing with vegetarian stir fry tossed in a soy sauce and ginger based sauce.

With an oily texture Gewürztraminer it means that it is not a crisp wine, but rather ’round’.  This full-bodied nature makes it much more difficult to pair than most white wines as the flavour of the wine lingers in the mouth after you swallow.

Because of its spicy nature, people tend to think that this wine would complement other spicy foods.  If the spice has some heat to it, this is a bad idea.  Gewürztraminer is often high in alcohol and mixing a high alcohol beverage with spicy hot food will make everything taste like fire.  Gewürztraminer is fantastic with mild curry dishes like butter chicken, or any dish containing coconut milk.

Below are some of my favourite Gewürztraminer pairings.

Gewürztraminer & Munster Cheese Pairing

Munster Cheese (or Muenster Cheese if it’s made in America), is a stinky soft cheese with a whole lot of flavour that would demolish a lighter bodied white wine (and tends to clash with red wines).  Gewürztraminer with its full-bodied structure not only holds up to Munster’s wall of flavour, but is further accentuated by the cheese’s strong flavours.

Gewürztraminer & Foie Gras Pairing

The peach, pear and lychee flavours of Gewürztraminer help tone down the richness of Foie Gras, while the oily structure of Gewürztraminer blends in with the velvety texture of the liver. With Gewürztraminer, you generally want to reach for a bottle from Alsace when pairing with Foie Gras as the wine has evolved with the food over dozens of generations.

Gewürztraminer & Roast Pork Pairing

Within Gewürztraminer oily structure, it has a savoury aspect, that tends to remind people of bacon.  This savoury aspect complements the roast pork flavours.  The pear, pineapple, and lychee flavours offer lots of refreshing flavours and draw out those lovely mild pork notes.  Gewürztraminer is fantastic with other pork dishes like Pork Chops or Pork Schnitzel.

Gewürztraminer & Hot Dogs Pairing

Gewürztraminer is fantastic with a hot dog on a bun, that is slathered in ketchup and/or mustard.  The hint of sweetness in Gewürztraminer frolics with the sugar content found in the ketchup, while floral and fruity nose tones down the belligerent attitude of the mustard.

Gewürztraminer & Shrimp

Shrimp tends to taste a bit sweet and the slightly sweet nature of of Gewürztraminer complements this aspect.  The peach, lychee, and pear aromatics of Gewürztraminer add more flair to this pairing and ensure you taste both the wine, and the shrimp with each bite.

Sweet Gewürztraminer & Food Pairings

For sweet Gewürztraminer, like a late harvest Gewürztraminer, you’ll find it’s a lovely pair with fruity desserts, such as a peach, pear, apple, or lychee dessert.  Gewürztraminer is also exceptional with desserts containing cinnamon. 

The Alsace region of France, which is known for its incredibly dry Riesling, is also famous for its intensely sweet Gewürztraminer when it is labeled Vendange Tardive or ‘Late Harvest’.  Alsace shares a border with Germany, and thus German winemaking has had an impact on the region’s winemaking process over the centuries.

What Not to Pair Gewürztraminer With

Other than hot and spicy dishes, keep Gewürztraminer away from acidic foods, like tomatoes, green vegetables and salads with sharp ingredients like vinaigrette.  The acidity of the wine and the sharp ingredients clash in a bad way.

Remember too that Gewürztraminer is a bold wine, and will overpower simple and delicate dishes, like light fish dishes.  For the best results, stick to lighter-fare dishes (like chicken, veal, and pork) packing plenty of flavour.

Gewürztraminer is Excellent with

Notable Producers of Gewürztraminer

Canada: Strewn
US: Chateau Ste. Michelle, Hogue, Navarro
Alsace, France: Hugo, Pierre Sparr, Trimbach, Albert Boxler, Lucien Albrecht, Leon Beyer
Germany: Hofstatter, Kolbenhof
Spain: Cantina Terlano


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