Earthy red wines like Pinot Noir, Burgundy, or Baco Noir will never disappoint when paired with mushrooms as they complement the forest floor flavours. For an earthy white to pair with Mushrooms, we’d recommend a White Rioja. For creamy mushroom sauces or soups, Chardonnay is the order of the day.

Pinot Noir / Red Burgundy & Mushroom Pairing

Any Pinot Noir will go well with mushrooms, but if you want the best companion, choose a Pinot Noir from Oregon or a Red Burgundy from France.

An old world Burgundy (which is 100% Pinot Noir) can be a highly sought after wine, with some bottles going for thousands of dollars, however, it is sold at various price points, so you should easily find one that matches your budget. On the nose expect earthy mushroom like aromas, fresh cherries, and the faint smell or violet. This earthy aromas in this wine make it an excellent companion to any dish that contains mushrooms.

For similar reasons, an Oregon Pinot Noir works as they are notable for aromas of truffle mushrooms. An Oregon Pinot Noir is typically a little more tart than a Burgundy with a brilliant cranberry tang. Absolutely lovely with Mushroom Risotto, Pizza with Mushrooms, a ham/mushroom omelette, or duck, chicken, fish or beef in a Mushroom sauce.

Can’t find either of these wines from this region? Don’t panic! Any Pinot Noir you grab should have a nice earthy component that will go well with your mushroom dish, whether it is from California, Italy, British Columbia, or New Zealand.

English Brown Ale & Mushrooms

The lightly roasted nature of and English Brown Ale beer loves the earthiness of mushrooms, particularly Morels and Shiitake. For an even amazing pairing, grill these mushrooms up on the BBQ. The nuanced caramel or burnt sugar flavours of this beer loves anything charred like a juicy Portobello Mushroom Burger or Steak.

Equally as good with mushrooms is a Doppelbock, which is a fairly strong beer produced in Munich. These beers have a smooth malt flavour, and smell just like a freshly baked loaf of dark bread. The malt flavour of a Doppelbock melds perfectly with any earthy mushroom flavours.

Rioja and Mushroom Pairings

Not a red wine fan, but still want to experience an earthy wine? Try a white Rioja, made from the Viura grape. This Spanish white wine might be hard to come by as it’s not very popular outside of the region it’s produced. Unlike any white wine you’ll ever try, this wine is produced to emphasize oxidation flavours of nuts and caramels, that you would expect from a sherry. On top of that, you get a mushroom nuance that will complement any mushroom dish. Do a bit of research first, and seek out a White Rioja that is fresh and light, vs one that is so incredibly surreal that Salvador Dali would love it.

Recently, Rioja producers voted to allow Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay grapes to be allowed to blended with Viura grapes, which might win over new consumers and make this curious wine easier to find on your local shelves.

Madeira and Mushroom Pairing

Madeira has four main styles, and the style you’ll want to seek out for the best food and wine pairing is a fortified Verdelho which has a nice medium dry balance. Unlike the other wines mentioned above, there are no earthy flavours here to be found. Instead you have a crisp wine with zesty acidity.

Madeira Verdelho ends up being a nice contrast to the earthy mushroom flavours as it has apricot, peach, citrus, and tropical fruit flavours that electrify whatever dish you are consuming. And yet it has a nice nutty/caramel component to it that also make those earthy mushroom flavours sing. Absolutely fantastic with Mushroom Risotto, and a pizza with mushrooms (and dare I say pineapple).

Chardonnay and Cream of Mushroom Soup Pairing

A nice oaky California Chardonnay will go quite nicely with a cream based mushroom soup. Toasty vanilla notes and tropical fruit enlighten the earthy mushroom flavours. Stay away from white wines that are too citrusy, like a zingy Sauvignon Blanc, as you run the risk of the cream based sauce curdling in your mouth.

A full bodied Chardonnay will also pair nicely with Mushroom Risotto.