Muscadine is an American made red wine that is exclusively grown in North America. The grape skins are incredibly thick, and the grape juice is difficult to ferment, so sugar is often added during the fermentation period making for a very sweet wine. You’ll find both red and white Muscadine wines that are sweet, low in alcohol and high in acidity, which pair best with beef brisket, smoked ribs, chicken wings, bbq sausage, spicy pad thai and burritos enjoyed with hot sauce.

Red and White Muscadine have bold fruity flavours but have slightly different taste profiles. White Muscadine will feature flavours of banana, melon, pear, floral notes and bruised apple. Red Muscadine will taste more like cranberries and strawberries. Meanwhile, both styles feature unique flavours of pine cones, salt, citrus and rubber cement.

I should also add, this isn’t a wine for wine aficionados with a sensitive palate. The bold flavours of Muscadine are like a wrecking ball and will overwhelm your trained taste buds.  Furthermore, if you’re out to impress guests at a dinner party, stick to classic food and wine pairings.  Muscadine with its unusual flavour profile and bold fruitiness is meant more for extremely casual events where shoes and shirts are optional.

Spicy Chicken Wings & Muscadine Pairing

If you like your Chicken Wings fiery hot, Muscadine is your wine. Low in alcohol, this sweet beverage will lower the heat content rather than fuel it. The sweetness of the wine also helps put out the flames allowing you to enjoy the subtle spicy flavours you never noticed before. As Muscadine is high in acidity, it has no problems with cutting through the fatty, fried meat or any breading on your wing. Either red or white Muscadine will pair fine with Spicy Chicken Wings with white Muscadine more suited towards wings with lighter sauces.

Smoked Spicy Pork Ribs & Muscadine Wine Pairing

I prefer a red Muscadine with my Smoked Ribs. I enjoy how the cranberry and strawberry flavours intertwine with any bbq sauce slathered on top of the ribs and how the sweetness of the wine reduces the fiery kick of any spice on the ribs.

Beef Brisket & Red Muscadine Pairing

While Beef Brisket is rich and dense with meatiness, the meat itself is so tender it literally falls off the bone. Tannin heavy reds are bad news bears with beef brisket as they crush those tender flavours that you worked so hard to slowly cook out. Thus, medium-bodied reds, like a red Muscadine, are a must.

The acidity of Muscadine prances in and lifts all the tender flavours up even further while also keeping your palate refreshed in between bites. If you smother your brisket in BBQ sauce, the tart cranberry and strawberry flavours of a red Muscadine can mingle with those extra flavours with ease.

Spicy Pad Thai & White Muscadine Pairing

Muscadine isn’t limited to southern BBQ, as it pairs well with anything spicy. Pad Thai is one of my favourite dishes, but boy do I ever need a beverage to help me power through when it is spicy. With its low alcohol and sweet profile, White Muscadine ensures the flames are put out on my tongue. Meanwhile, the melon, pear, bruised apple, and lime peel notes of White Muscadine add some additional flavour to the neutral shrimp, tofu and chicken flavours found in Pad Thai.

Burritos & Muscadine Pairing

If you douse your Beef Burritos with hot sauce, Muscadine is a fantastic wine to accompany your dish as the wine’s sweetness helps cut through the heat. This allows you to taste the earthier spicy flavours that are normally hidden behind the veil of pain and panic. Beef Burritos are also incredibly dense with starch, fat, and protein, which over several bites, clogs up your tastebuds and makes everything taste the same after a while. The high acidity of Muscadine cuts through this mess of flavours and sorts things out once more so you can enjoy the different flavours of meat, beans, rice, cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, hot sauce, fried veggies, or anything else you’ve tossed in your heavenly burrito.

Unsure of what colour of wine to go with your Burrito?  Keep it simple!  Red Muscadine for beef, and White Muscadine for Chicken, Pork, Veggie or Fish.


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