Grenache Blanc is a full-bodied white wine that when aged in oak, delivers toasty, creamy and dill-like flavors, along with green fruit notes such as apple, lime zest and pear. The full-bodied nature of Grenache Blanc makes it perfect for grilled cuts of fish steaks such as tuna steaks, swordfish, grilled snapper, and mahi mahi. Grenache Blanc’s creamy texture also complements creamy lighter-fare such as butter chicken, chicken satay, pasta with Seafood in a white sauce, or Aioli sauce.

Grenache Blanc & Grilled Tuna Steak Pairing

Thick and meaty, tuna steak demands a full-bodied white, such as Grenache Blanc, that has seen some oak aging. The toasty notes of oak aging ensures the wine complements the charred flavours of your Tuna Steak. Meanwhile, the intensity of this wine, and its lean green herbal and fruit flavours of ensure that the wine will hold up to the meatiness of a grilled Tuna Steak while adding a bit of extra flair to the finish.

Grenache Blanc & Tempura Shrimp Pairing

Tempura Shrimp is shrimp dredged in flour, dipped in egg, then coated in breadcrumbs before being deep-fried a mouth-watering golden brown colour. Grenache Blanc’s citrus notes assists in electrifying the delicate shrimp flavour, while the salty minerality aspect of the wine complements the dish. Meanwhile the citrus flavours of this full-bodied white wine help cut through the deep-fried breading, keeping your mouth refreshed.

Grenache Blanc & Butter Chicken Pairing

Grenache Blanc is an intense wine that can stand up to the curry driven flavours of Butter Chicken, while complementing it with its toasty and creamy full-bodied texture. With its notes of green apple, pear, peach, and lime notes the wine brings the slow roasted chicken meat into focus while simultaneously softening any spicy herbs.

Grenache Blanc is also higher in alcohol content then your typical white wine. (It ranges from 13%-15%). With this in mind, ensure your Butter Chicken isn’t overly spicy, as higher alcohol content will make the capsicum content found in spicy peppers burn.

Grenache Blanc & Seafood Pasta in a Cream Sauce

Grenache Blanc has a rich and creamy texture that complements any cream based sauce. Meanwhile, the tropical green fruit flavours draw out the subtle seafood flavours, while the wine’s mineral finish seals the deal.

Grenache Blanc & Aioli Sauce

The creamy texture of Grenache Blanc ensures it will complement almost anything Aioli sauce is accompanying. For example, Grenache Blanc will have no issues holding up to grilled seafood, potatoes, canned tuna, or even a roasted leg of lamb that has Aioli sauce on the side.

The green herbal notes found in Grenache Blanc complements the garlic found in the Aioli, as does the creamy texture of the wine. Meanwhile, the juicy green fruit flavours of lime, pear and apple cut right through the richness of the sauce and the food it is accompanying.