Cornbread is a popular comfort food in the south, and it’s no wonder as it has plenty of rich flavours to play with other comfort foods such as roasted pork, mac & cheese, or fried chicken. Full-bodied whites like a Buttery Chardonnay, or tropical fruit and peachy whites like Chenin Blanc or Viognier add a touch of class to Cornbread. Meanwhile, jammy reds like Shiraz, or a light but fruity Pinot Noir, add a touch of strawberry or raspberry fruitiness to this crumbly bread.

Oaked Chardonnay & Cornbread Pairing

Oaked Chardonnay has a buttery body, along with toasty notes that complement Cornbread incredibly well. Not only do the flavours of Chardonnay merge perfectly with Cornbread, the weight of the wine matches the dense texture of this dish. Furthermore, if your Corn Bread turns out to be a bit dry, have no fear, a glass of Chardonnay will have that Cornbread tasting perfect.

On top of its buttery and toasty flavours, Chardonnay has notes of vanilla, tropical fruit and apple, which all add extra enjoyment to this food and wine pairing equation.

Chenin Blanc & Cornbread Pairing

Chenin Blanc delivers wonderful peach, melon, green apple, nectarine and pear flavours that almost simulate marmalade on top of your Corn Bread. When oaked, Chenin Blanc also complements Cornbread as it will have a lip-smacking buttered popcorn flavour, making this pairing even better.

High in acidity, Chenin Blanc will show no restraint in cutting through the dense carbohydrate aspect of Corn Bread. This is a good thing, as you’ll find that the wine will draw out those subtle corn flavours that you love.

Viognier & Cornbread Pairing

Viognier is a full-bodied white wine that has natural flavours of peach, tangerine, honeysuckle and nutmeg. When aged in oak, Viognier has a creamy texture with hints of vanilla. These toasty vanilla notes go wonderful with Cornbread, as do the peach, tangerine and honey suckle notes. Viognier isn’t as acidic as Chardonnay, but it still has enough zippiness to cut through the starchy elements of your Cornbread to offer its refreshment.

Shiraz & Corn Bread Pairing

An Australian Shiraz is a jammy red, full of blackberry and raspberry flavours that adds an extra element of fruity flavour to your cornbread. I have enjoyed this combination a few times with some left over cornbread during a quick Sunday lunch and it’s always a treat. Australian Shiraz has a black pepper element that further seasons the bread, meanwhile, cornbread can get dry the next day, and as it soaks up the Shiraz in your mouth, you’re left with some wonderful flavours of corn, blackberry jam and pepper notes.

Pinot Noir & Cornbread Pairing

Pinot Noir has a lovely wild strawberry flavour that adds a bit of flavour to Cornbread, much in the way that fresh strawberry jam might. There is also an earthiness to Pinot Noir that complements the cornmeal grains used in traditional cornbread recipes. I wouldn’t say Pinot Noir is a star pairing with Cornbread, but if the cornbread is featured beside earthier foods that contain mushrooms, or lighter meats like turkey, ham or wild boar, you’re in for a lovely time.