• Chablis is an unoaked or mildly oaked Chardonnay from the Burgundy region of France and is wonderful with simple foods such as oysters, goat cheese, sushi, sole and avocado.
  • The Burgundy region of France has several major wine producing districts, and Chablis is in the northernmost region, giving it a cooler climate, and a shorter growing season.  Chablis does not make any red wine, just white wine.
  • A wine label that says Chablis means that the wine comes from grapes grown anywhere in the Chablis district.
  • While Chablis uses the Chardonnay grape, it is not a ‘Chardonnay’, but rather a representation of the the Chablis terroir.  Chablis has a chalky mineral flavour to it, along with an apple crispness.
  • While there are exceptions, Chablis is an unoaked white wine.  Thus there are no vanilla, or toasty flavours. Expect crisp, fruity flavours.

There are four quality levels of Chablis:

Petit Chablis:  Ordinary table wine rarely seen outside of the region.
Chablis:  A wine whose grapes are grown anywhere in the Chablis region.
Chablis Premier Cru:  A very good quality of Chablis that comes from specific high quality vineyards.
Chablis Grand Cru:  The highest classification of Chablis, and the most expensive due to a limited production.  There are only seven vineyards in Chablis to be called ‘Grand Cru’ as they have the best soil and slope in the area.

Food Pairing & Chablis

Chablis and Raw Oysters

A perfect pairing like no other is Chablis and Raw Oysters.  What makes this a great pairing is that the mineral character of Chablis is an excellent dance partner to the oysters’ briny character.

There is no need to limit Chablis to Oysters, as this crisp white wine is exceptional with all shellfish or shellfish dishes such as Pasta Vongole, Shrimp Scampi or Moules Frites.

Avocado and Chablis

Avocado and avocado dishes, like guacamole, have a rich and fatty nature to them that taste great at first, but after several bites, your taste-buds tend to adapt and get bogged down. Chablis, with its acidic brightness, cuts right through the avocado’s richness making for an excellent match. If you are looking for a refreshing wine to complement salty corn chips and guacamole, while you kick back on a Friday night, Chablis is your wine.

Sole and Wine Pairing

Sole is a lighter and flaky fish that won’t be overpowered by Chablis. Instead, this white wine will add zest to the Sole, and lift up the flavours of the fish.  For similar reasons, Chablis is excellent with Sea Bass, and Tilapia.

Goat Cheese and Chablis

While Sancerre is the ultimate pairing with Goat Cheese, Chablis works well with Goat Cheese that may be an addition to a dish, such as goat cheese on a salad or goat cheese slathered on a cracker. Chablis and its crisp nature are a wonderful accompaniment to lighter bodied salads. The refreshing nature of the wine is great when matched with salty crackers.

Chablis pairs with many more foods, such as Cauliflower Soup, Caesar Salad, Chicken Pot Pie a wide variety of sushi dishes.