White Wine

Soave & Food Pairing

Soave is a lean and dry white wine, with a unique smooth oily texture, from Northern Italy made from the Garganega grape. Featuring notes of peach, melon, pear, saline/minerals and chamomile, Soave is the best white wine to drink with Roast Chicken, White Pizza, Scallops, Veal Scaloppini, Fettuccine Alfredo, Chicken Parmigiana, Risotto, Cauliflower Soup [...]

Torrontés & Food Pairing

Torrontés is an Argentinian white wine that has flowery aromatics, and flavours of peach and lemon zest. While the wine smells like sweet rose petals, it is often made in a dry style. This makes for an interesting contrast as the sweet fragrance of this wine contradicts its lean, and almost salty taste. Torrontés [...]

Muscadet & Food Pairing

Muscadet is a bone-dry, and light-bodied white wine from the Loire Valley of France. Made with the Melon de Bourgogne grape, Muscadet is lean with a salty citrus kiss that makes it exceptional with shellfish, seafood, and salads. Muscadet Wine and Food Pairing High in acid, Muscadet will stand up to zesty vinaigrette, making [...]

Albariño & Food Pairings

Albariño is the perfect white wine for shellfish, seafood, sushi, tapas, and Chinese food takeout.  With its creamy body, and citrus, peach and flowery notes, Albariño is the ideal wine for kicking back on the patio and enjoying it with a wide variety of shared dishes and finger foods. Albariño (aka Alvarinho) is a [...]

Sancerre and Food Pairings

Sancerre goes best with 1. Goat Cheese 2. Asparagus 3. Pork Chops 4. Roasted Turkey 5. Crab Cakes Sancerre is a flinty-smoke and ripe gooseberry aroma Sauvignon Blanc from a small town called 'Sancerre' in the Loire Valley of France. Sancerre the town makes up part of the Loire Valley called the Centre. Many [...]

Chenin Blanc & Food Pairing

Chenin Blanc is comparable to Riesling in that it is an incredibly food-friendly wine.  Similar to Riesling, it comes in bone dry, off-dry, sparkling, and sweet styles. The most popular style of Chenin Blanc comes from the Vouvray region of France. With a mouth-zingy acidity and lots of mineral flavours, when made right you [...]

Savennières Wine & Food Pairing

Savennières is a white wine made from the Chenin Blanc grape and features a lot of acidity, minerality with deep flavours of pear, hazelnut, honey and candied lemon. Due to the acidity and minerality, Savennières is exceptional with shellfish, such as crab cakes, lobster, mussels and oysters.  Savennières can also be enjoyed with lighter [...]

Pairing Gewürztraminer with Food

Pair Gewürztraminer with foods like rich fowl dishes, like turkey, duck, Foie Gras, or goose.  It should come to no surprise that Gewurztraminer is amazing with classic German dishes like pork chops, roasted ham, non-spicy sausages, veal, and sauerkraut such as a Reuben Sandwich loaded with sauerkraut. If the spice is not hot, like [...]

Vouvray & Food Pairings

Vouvray is a French white wine made with Chenin Blanc grapes in the Touraine district of France. It comes in multiple styles that range from sweet to dry, as well as still to sparkling. However, Delicate floral aromas, honeyed characteristics, and a lip-puckering taste of green apple or pear are common attributes across all [...]