Red Wine

Aglianico & Food Pairings

Aglianico is a full-bodied red wine from Italy, saturated with savoury flavours of leather, smoked meat, white pepper, truffle, along with refreshing notes of wild strawberry, raspberry and black cherry.  High in both tannin and acidity, Aglianico pairs best with full-flavoured dishes like Duck Confit, Beef Brisket, Osso Bucco, Oxtail, Wild Boar, Spicy Sausages, [...]

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Petite Sirah and Food Pairing

Petite Sirah is a grape and single varietal wine that is well-loved and has its share of enthusiasts, such as the cleverly named "PS I Love You" group. Most popular in California, this wine was originally produced in France. While some think this is just a lighter version of a Syrah/Shiraz, they would be [...]

Petit Verdot & Food Pairing

Petit Verdot is traditionally used in blended wines, like the famous Bordeaux. It gives the wine a dark ruby tinge, along with a spicy floral aroma. As a single varietal wine, Petit Verdot is best described as massive and brooding. If you are a fan of fruity wines, you won't like Petit Verdot. With [...]

Beaujolais Nouveau & Food Pairings

Beaujolais Nouveau is a light and charming red wine made in the southern part of France's Burgundy region.  Never taken seriously in terms of collectability or complexity, Beaujolais Nouveau has its fans as it's a fruity, bright and zesty wine with no bitter tannin.  The term Nouveau means that it's the first vintage of [...]

Ripasso Wine & Food Pairings

Ripasso is what I like to call  'baby Amarone' as it is made from the leftover dried grapes that are originally used to make Amarone.  Basically, they add these Amarone grapes to a Valpolicella wine to increase the flavour and/or intensity of the wine.  On the label, you may see it as Valpolicella Ripasso [...]

Cabernet Franc & Food Pairing

Cabernet Franc is traditionally blended in with other grapes for Bordeaux or Meritage blends, but some small run vintages offer up some spectacular stand-alone varietal offerings.  Generally, Cabernet Franc will come off as less dense, lighter, Cabernet Sauvignon, but with a bit more perfume or fragrance.  A well-made Cabernet Franc should have lots of [...]

Shiraz & Food Pairings

Although they are spelled differently, Shiraz and Syrah are primarily the same grapes. In California and France Shiraz is called Syrah (and you'll see it as a Côte Rôtie or a Hermitage), and in Australia, Shiraz is simply Shiraz. Shiraz made a big boom in the early 2000 decade.  I remember working as a wine steward [...]

Baco Noir & Food Pairings

Baco Noir is a red wine that is typically found in regions near the eastern US/Canadian border of North America. It is not a popular wine, as it is a bit of a conundrum. If you look at it, it's extremely aromatic and dark, thus you'd expect something rich and complex. Instead, it's a [...]

Tempranillo & Food Pairing

Tempranillo is a grape grown in Spain and can be found as a single varietal, or as the dominant grape in blended reds, such as in a Rioja. When young, Tempranillo is fruity and fresh with cherry and dried fig flavours, with peppery notes. Yet this wine can be oaked and age, revealing complex [...]

Cahors & Food Pairing

Cahors is a Malbec based French red wine and is excellent with lighter cuts of beef, cassoulet, mushrooms, roast duck, duck confit, roast lamb, roast pork, mild blue cheese, shortribs, couscous and turkey. Cahors, France is where the Malbec grape originated, and it is a slightly lighter-bodied Malbec than what you'd expect from Chile [...]