Sweet Riesling & Food Pairing

Germany is world-famous for its sweet Rieslings, and these dessert wines fall into four main categories. Auslese Riesling & Food Pairing Auslese means 'selected,' and these Riesling grapes are hand-selected in late autumn from the ripest bunches.  Auslese is much sweeter than the Spätlese Riesling we discussed in a previous blog about Dry and [...]

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Madeira & Food Pairing

Madeira is a fortified wine that is made on the island of Madeira, which is a region of Portugal, and it is situated in the ocean near the top left corner of South Africa.  For single-varietal Madeira, you'll find four styles that range from dry to sweet, which are Sercial, Verdelho, Bual or Boal, [...]

Brachetto d’Acqui & Food Pairing

Brachetto d'Acqui is a sweet and fizzy red dessert wine from Italy (although still versions along with dry versions do exist) with notes of strawberry, raspberry and orchids.  Naturally sweet, Brachetto is fantastic with fruity, creamy, or chocolaty desserts, such as fruit tarts, strawberry ice cream, brownies, chocolate mousse, or Crème Brûlée.  The fizzy [...]

Vin Santo & Food Pairings

Vin Santo is an Italian dessert wine that feels like a cross between a wine and a whiskey.  Usually getting up to 16%-18% alcohol, it takes its amber colour from the small chestnut or oak casks that it is aged in.  It has beautiful flavours such as caramel, nutmeg, cinnamon, honey, and raisin. Because [...]

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Marsala & Food Pairing

Marsala is a fortified wine that is made in Sicily and features flavours of vanilla, brown sugar, tobacco and apricot. Much like sherry, Marsala can range from a dry style to a sweet style. In Sicily, many homeowners cook with it using sweeter styles for desserts (like Zabaglione), and dry styles to add nutty [...]

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Almond Desserts & Wine Pairing

Almond desserts can range from chocolate covered almonds, to almond cookies/cakes, to almond butter drizzled on french vanilla ice cream. Best Wine with Almond Desserts Bual Maderia with not too sweet desserts, Malmsey Maderia with intense desserts Sweet Marsala Muscat Cream Sherry Oloroso Sherry Barsac As long as the almond flavour is prominent, any [...]

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Banyuls & Food Pairing

Banyuls is a sweet red wine (although there's a small production of white wine) made in the Roussillon region of France in some of the oldest vineyards in the world. Banyuls is similar to Port in that it is a fortified wine. However, it is often just a touch lighter in alcohol content. Styles [...]

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Pumpkin Pie & Wine Pairing

With the harvest season upon us, pumpkin pie turns into a staple dessert at many dinner parties and meals. This lush dessert is full of flavour, and has more of a spicy quality to it, rather than coming across as too sweet. The spicy quality of pumpkin pie gives you a lot of lee-way [...]

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Biscotti & Wine Pairings

What is Biscotti? Biscotti is an Italian almond biscuit that is baked twice, for a dry, crunchy texture that is quite hard. It is typically dipped in a drink, such as coffee, tea or wine, to soften it up. Biscotti is made hard to help extend its shelf-life, however the happy marriage between cookie [...]

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Baklava & Dessert Wine Pairings

Baklava is a sweet dessert that has layers of filo pastry, chopped nuts, and a syrup or honey glaze.  When it comes to pairing Baklava with wine, you'll find a wide variety of dessert wines taste amazing with it.  Sauternes, Tawny Port, Ice Wine and Muscat are my favourite pairings. Wines that Pair with [...]

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