Beef Brisket & Wine Pairing

With Beef Brisket being so rich and heavy with a dense meatiness, you'd expect a tannin heavy red wine to be the perfect match. However, with its fall off the bone tenderness, a medium-bodied Syrah, Zinfandel, or an acidic Rosso Conero work much better. While beef brisket is heavy, too much tannin overpowers the [...]

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Roast Beef & Wine Pairing

The fattier the cut of roast beef, the more tannin a red wine should have to stand up to the meat. Tannin is that mouth-puckering feeling you get from a red wine, and the fat and protein in roast beef mellow this feeling out, allowing the fruitier flavours some time to shine in the [...]

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Pairing Wine with Ribeye Steak

Ribeye steak comes from the cow's rib region and is the juiciest and fattiest (or flavourful) cut of steak. You get the same meat as you would when you have Prime Rib, except Prime Rib is a rack of beef ribs roasted. With ribeye steak, you want young and full-bodied reds such as Cabernet [...]

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Veal Marsala & Wine Pairing

Veal Marsala is Veal covered in a rich mushroom, herb, minced garlic/shallot, and Marsala wine-based sauce. In Italy, Veal Marsala is rarely served with pasta, whereas in America, you'll tend to find it with pasta. The addition of pasta will not affect your wine pairing as pasta is neutral compared to the veal and [...]

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Beef Stew & Wine Pairing

There's nothing better than a rich beef stew and a glass of red wine to take the chill out of the fall or winter air. Beef stew is the perfect comfort food and never requires a fancy wine to complement it. For intensely flavoured stews with a rich, thick sauce, look to a Shiraz [...]

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