Acidic and fruity red wines like Chianti, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel and Beaujolais pair best with a BLT Sandwich. Meanwhile, flavourful whites like Chardonnay, Grüner Veltliner or a Rosé are just as delicious with this classic North American sandwich consisting of Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato.

Grüner Veltliner & BLT Sandwich Pairing

Grüner Veltliner is my favourite white wine with a BLT sandwich, however, it isn’t a wine for everyone, nor is it an easy wine to find. Grüner Veltliner is a medium-bodied white wine that has notes of stone fruit, melon, green vegetables and spicy white pepper.  The melon and green vegetable notes complement the lettuce in your BLT while the white pepper flavours spice up your life.

Grüner Veltliner also has a minerality to it that many people describe as wet stone.  The mineral flavour complements the earthy bacon notes in your BLT sandwich.  Grüner Veltliner is also acidic, which helps keep your mouth alive and not overburdened by the mayo, butter and bacon grease flavours that can weigh your tastebuds down.

Zinfandel & BLT Sandwich Pairing

BLT is perhaps America’s favourite sandwich, so why not pair it with one of America’s favourite wines?  Zinfandel is an acidic red wine that mirrors ketchup in that it provides a touch of sweetness and electricity to anything it touches.  Fruity in nature, Zinfandel will have no issue keeping up with the tomato flavours while washing the mayo’s tastebud clogging powers away.  With its smoky finish, Zinfandel complements the bacon flavours in this savoury sandwich.

Pinot Noir & BLT Sandwich Pairing

Pinot Noir is a light, acidic and fruity red wine with earthy notes that complement the crispy bacon flavours found in your sandwich.  The earthy notes are often described as ‘forest-floor’ or ‘barnyard’ and taste much more delicious than they sound. 

The fruitiness of Pinot Noir keeps your mouth happy in between bites as the wine’s acidity works in washing away all the bacon fat and tastebud clogging butter or mayo away from your tongue and cheeks.  This is important, as, without acidity, you’d tasteless and less of the sandwich as you devour your meal.  With every bite tasting brilliantly fresh, it ensures you are satisfied.  Otherwise, you’d subconsciously be eating to re-capture the thrill of that first bite, which never seems to come as your senses are all gummed up with the bacon’s fatty quality.

BLT is also a touch salty due to the bacon, and the strawberry and cranberry flavours of Pinot Noir are enhanced by the salt.  At the same time, the refreshing fruit flavours of the wine quench your thirst brought on by the salt.  Be sure to keep a glass of water nearby and take frequent sips as both the salt of the BLT and the alcohol in the wine will dehydrate you.

Beaujolais & BLT Sandwich Pairing

If you are enjoying a BLT Sandwich for lunch, Beaujolais is the perfect red wine, as it is low in alcohol.  Beaujolais is also light, fruity, acidic and a touch earthy, which complements the bacon aspect of your BLT.  Beaujolais Cru makes for an even better pairing, however, you probably won’t want to crack open a bottle of Beaujolais Cru just for yourself, so ensure there are others around to share this food-friendly red wine.

When pairing red wine with a BLT Sandwich, you always want something acidic, and not overly tannic as tannin clashes with the acidity found in tomatoes.  This leads to an unpleasant dining experience as it makes the wine taste metallic and flat.  You’ll never have this concern with Beaujolais as the wine is considered acidic.

One of the biggest draws to a BLT sandwich is often the pile of crispy french fries that accompanies it.  Zinfandel bright, fruity flavours are the perfect foil to the salty, greasy and carbohydrate nature of a delicious side plate of fries.  Zinfandel keeps your mouth clean in between bites, so you feel satisfied when dining on french fries, meaning you won’t continue shovelling them in your mouth.

Rosé & BLT Sandwich Pairing

A dry Rosé is crisp with notes of citrus, raspberry and strawberry.  While pink in colour, Rosé is often not sweet but refreshingly acidic and cool.  For me, Rosé is the ultimate patio wine, and if you are having a quick lunchtime BLT, Rosé is your gal.  While Rosé won’t complement the flavours of your BLT sandwich, it will keep your mouth scrubbed of any mayo, butter, or bacon grease that is clogging up your tastebuds.  This will ensure each bite tastes as fresh as the next, making for a satisfying sandwich.

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